The Financial Planning Association of Canada (FPAC) is proud to announce our partnership with Gateway

May 26, 2022

The Financial Planning Association of Canada (FPAC) endeavours to promote and support the evolution of the financial services industry into a recognized, trusted, high-quality profession with members who adhere to the highest ethical and fiduciary standards and focus on bettering the lives of all Canadians. We intend to work closely with governments, regulators, financial planners, academia, vendors, and the general public to enshrine the professional structure and ecosystem. The Pro Bono Committee of FPAC offers a hub listing organizations offering pro bono financial advice as well as offering its own pro bono financial advice program.

In this new program, volunteer members of FPAC will provide resources to newcomers to help them learn how to navigate their finances in Canada. Newcomers to Canada are in need of guidance to establish healthy financial lives upon their arrival. At the same time, they may not have access to support from unbiased financial professionals.

“The current support system for newcomers is complex and hard to navigate, which is why 60% of newcomers to Canada don’t ask for help. We’re changing the story.” - Hyder Hassan, CEO, Immigrant Services Calgary

As part of the Gateway program, participants can expect to receive

  • One free financial coaching meeting offered by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, Registered Financial Planner® or Planificateur Financier professionals who are members of FPAC
  • No sales or fees: volunteers promise they won’t solicit program participants as clients

“The professional financial planners in our organization are uniquely positioned to make a huge impact on the lives of Gateway participants.” - Jason Pereira, President, FPAC

Participants would be referred to FPAC by a Gateway Newcomer Planner. The Planner would schedule a meeting with the newcomer (in-person or on-line) to understand their goals and dreams for settling in Canada and then would create an individualized plan that could include a referral to FPAC if they needed financial literacy support. FPAC is in discussions with additional organizations and offers broader pro bono financial advice programs.

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