The Evolution of the Financial Planning Industry: Serving Canadians First

Financial planners have the opportunity to significantly impact the lives of Canadians, improving understanding of the complex financial systems that are part of everyone’s lives, and increasing each person’s ability to take control of their finances to achieve their goals and dreams. 

The Financial Planning Association of Canada™ endeavours to promote and support the evolution of the financial services industry into a recognized, trusted, high-quality profession with members who adhere to the highest ethical and fiduciary standards, and focus on bettering the lives of all Canadians. 

Our objective in professionalizing the industry is not to diminish the contribution of those who have built the industry to date, but to build a stronger, more effective, ethical ecosystem.

Through adopting these standards and strengthening the planning community, Canadian financial planners will be well equipped to support the changing needs of Canadians now and into the future. 

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