Our Values & Charter

What we stand for, and why

By becoming a member of FPAC, an advisor is making a commitment to the values and standards we share. 

Upon joining, we take The Fiduciary Pledge — a promise to put our clients’ wellbeing above any other incentive or interest.

FPAC’s values and ethics are also outlined in the Membership Standards — an attestation our members reaffirm annually — and The FPAC Charter, the framework that FPAC is built on and bound to.

The FPAC Charter

Our foundation & path forward

The FPAC™  Charter was created in 2019 as a founding document for the organization.

It lays out our priorities and policy objectives, our governance structure, as well as the state of the industry and our role within it.

Here we make it publicly available, and encourage everyone to read it and see for themselves the basis of our mission, vision, and values.

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Our Principled Foundation

The ethical duties that FPAC™ upholds

Duty to our Clients

Our members pledge to hold ourselves as fiduciaries for our clients, to always act with transparency, objectivity & care in putting their needs first.

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Fiduciary Standard
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Definition of Scope
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Clients’ Values & Beliefs
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Duty to the Profession

Acting with integrity, growing our skills and knowledge & working at all times in ways that reflect positively upon our industry.

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Conflicts of Interest

Duty to the Community

We are role models, with a duty to give back to our communities, lift up our profession & support our peers at all stages in their careers.

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Lead by Example
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Peer Development
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Furthering the Science of Financial Planning
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Public Awareness
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