Projects & Initiatives

Here’s how we put our mission into motion

The Financial Planning Association of Canada is a community of financial planners who care about the industry, and volunteer their time to make it better.

Here is an overview of the projects & initiatives we are currently working on, to support the future of financial planning and the Canadian public that relies on us.

Members’ Forum

The FPAC Members’ Forum is the online gathering place for our community. 

Every day, FPAC members on the Forum are posting their questions, resources and requests, making it an invaluable learning space. 

It’s the support system that so many advisors wish they could have.

Continuing Education

To be the best advisors we can be, we can never stop learning — especially in our fast-changing world.

That’s why FPAC holds monthly education events on a wide range of topics, featuring some of the top experts in their fields.

Most of these events qualify for CE credits, and all are free to FPAC members. Many are also exclusive to FPAC members only.

Regulatory Advocacy

Making our voices heard in the halls of power is an important way we can create change in the financial services industry.

FPAC has a dedicated committee for regulatory advocacy for our lobbying and communications with regulators, governments and policymakers.

Along with our own policy priorities, past lobbying efforts that FPAC has supported include:

Professional Conferences

Conferences are great opportunities to bring the financial planning community together, and promote greater knowledge sharing within it.

That’s why FPAC’s initiatives include hosting annual virtual conferences, and providing our members with free access.

Currently each year we host the IFID Conference, which spotlights academic research, as well as the Canadian AdvisorTech Expo, the only event in Canada dedicated to technology tools for our field.

Knowledge Sharing

One of the best things we can do to make financial planning better is to support financial planners.

For that reason, FPAC’s ongoing projects include the development of knowledge-sharing portals for the wider financial planning community.

Built on the foundation of our members’ expertise and experience, these portals will focus on best practices in financial planning, and resources for an evidence-based approach.

Pro Bono Financial Planning

Making the benefits of financial planning more accessible to all Canadians is part of FPAC’s core mission.

Our Pro Bono Committee is continuously developing tools, training materials, and opportunities for FPAC members to donate their services.

Everybody should be able to access the benefits of financial planning. If you are interested in our Pro Bono services, learn more here.

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