Why Choose an FPAC Member

Your Financial Planner should be putting you first

There is a significant advantage to working with a Financial Planner who belongs to FPAC™, because you know they’re on your side.

Product-led planning and murky compensation models are some of the practices that our industry needs to banish.

When you choose an FPAC™ member to be your financial planner, you know they believe in the highest ethical standards, and putting the client first.

The Benefits an FPAC Advisor Brings

Commitment to Clients

FPAC members all take The Fiduciary Pledge, committing to only work in the client’s best interest, even at the expense of their own — the highest standard of care in the advisor-client relationship.

Today, this standard of care is not required by regulators anywhere in Canada. While FPAC™ lobbies for its widespread implementation, some institutions still lobby against it.

Commitment to Integrity

In addition to fiduciary responsibility, and the standards of their designating bodies, FPAC™ members must commit to — and regularly reaffirm — our code of ethics and standards.

These are outlined in FPAC™’s Membership Standards, which are regularly reviewed and updated, as well as our founding Charter.

Commitment to Canadians

Our network of financial planners live and work in communities from coast to coast. We are dedicated professionals who represent a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise. 

And we’re Canadians too, committed to building our communities up. We believe in the benefits financial planning can bring to any individual, as well as their families, communities, and the country as a whole.

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