Why Choose an FPAC Member?

Financial Planning Association of Canada™ members are committed to going above and beyond the basic requirements of their designations.
Commitment to the Profession
FPAC members are committed to further professionalizing financial planning, for the greater good of both Canadians who receive this service, and the professionals who provide it. Through our current standard, our members are taking action to ensure that financial planning services in Canada are in a constant state of growth, innovation, and improvement.
Commitment to Integrity
The FPAC Members’ pledge to act as a fiduciary states our dedication to acting in the best interests of our clients - even if those interests are not in line with our own. This commitment to integrity and objectivity improves outcomes for every client who benefits from the financial planning profession. 

This pledge is not required by regulators anywhere in the country, and certain financial institutions have even campaigned against the concept - delaying our evolution into the profession that Canadians need. FPAC members are so committed to providing the best possible service to their clients that they are willing to put their own careers inside these institutions on the line.
Commitment to Canadians
We believe that our commitment to the profession and to integrity is in the best possible interests of all Canadians. Professional financial planning improves economic outcomes for individuals, which in turn improves those outcomes for their families, their communities, and the country as a whole.
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