Our Mission & Vision

What we’re doing, and why

Financial planners solve the problems that keep people up at night, and help realize the dreams they fall asleep to.

Few industries can play as proactive, positive a role in people’s lives.

And yet, financial planning as a profession stands years behind other fields, such as law, medicine, or accounting.

  • Lack of rules about who can call themselves a ‘financial planner’
  • No obligation to act in the best interests of their clients
  • Irregular competency requirements to become a financial planner
  • Product sales still a major incentive, instead of client interests
  • An ecosystem in need of development

These are our objectives in our mission to professionalize the financial planning industry.

We believe in raising the bar and being the best advisors we can be — always putting our clients first

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Our Mission:

To evolve the financial planning industry into a profession of highly qualified professionals, with the highest ethical and fiduciary standards, who are focused on bettering the lives of their clients.

The Future of Financial Planning

A Vision of an Industry Transformed

As a profession, financial planning in this country is young.

Since the 1950s, it has grown — primarily out of the process of selling financial products.

What hasn’t grown at pace with it is the industry’s ecosystem, and ethos.

The standards, structures, and principles that will raise up the financial planning profession are still being built, and FPAC™ is here to help.

Our vision is of an integrated, evolved financial planning ecosystem, with well-defined systems that bring planners, policy makers, government, academia, vendors and regulators together. 

A modern, vibrant, transparent industry, where client needs are always put first, and advisors have the tools they need to continuously learn and grow. 

What’s in it for us, as advisors, is being able to operate at the highest levels, and build up an industry that Canadians can count on for generations to come.

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The FPAC Charter

Our foundation & path forward

The FPAC™  Charter was created in 2019 as a founding document for the organization.

It lays out our priorities and policy objectives, our governance structure, as well as the state of the industry and our role within it.

Here we make it publicly available, and encourage everyone to read it and see for themselves the basis of our mission, vision, and values.

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