Frequently Asked Questions

For the Public

What does the Financial Planners Association of Canada™ have to do with me?

FPAC™ exists to improve and strengthen the financial industry as a whole, and all Canadians stand to benefit from that.

We’re working for positive change on industry practices, ethical standards, the policies of governments and regulators, and more.

We’re also building a community of FPAC™ advisors who share our vision, and our belief in the highest standards of client-centric planning.

Can the Financial Planners Association of Canada™ help me find a financial planner near me?

Yes! Our members live, work and serve clients in communities all across Canada — and they all uphold our ethical and professional values.

Visit our Members Directory to find an FPAC™-affiliated financial planner near you.

What is the benefit of having a financial planner who is affiliated with the Financial Planners Association of Canada™?

When you choose to work with a financial planner who belongs to FPAC™, you know what you’re getting.

To be a full member of FPAC™, these planners must hold either the Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Registered Financial Planner (R.F.P.), or the Quebec-based F.Pl. designations.

Our members upon joining all take the Fiduciary Pledge, making a commitment to the highest standards of client-centric care, as well as to the ethical and professional values in our Membership Standards.

What does a financial planner do, and how can they help me?

Financial planners help people manage their money effectively, to achieve their goals and relieve their concerns.

We believe financial planners are one of the professions that can make the most positive, proactive impacts on people’s lives.

Planners provide support in the form of investment advice, retirement planning, debt management and tax strategies. 

Some also offer insurance and estate planning guidance, or other services across a wide range of specialties, with the goal of helping clients achieve financial security and meet their long-term objectives.

For Financial Planners

How can the Financial Planners Association of Canada™ help grow and strengthen my practice?

By joining FPAC™, our members get the benefit of resources, events, and belonging to an active professional community to help them become the best financial planning professional they can be.

Our members get extra visibility with potential members due to referrals we provide for media opportunities, being featured with a full profile on our website, and the public trust that comes with being a part of FPAC™.

We also all benefit from our mission to further evolve and professionalize our industry, as we improve the ecosystem and perception of financial planning, and the possibilities that come from that.

I’m not an actively practising financial planner. Can I still join the Financial Planners Association of Canada™?

Yes! We offer multiple membership tiers, so as to welcome people to FPAC™ who aren’t active CFP-, R.F.P.-, or F. Pl.-designated financial planners.

Our Emeritus membership tier is meant for former designation-holders who are now retired, and our Associate membership tier is perfect for those studying and training for their designation, who currently hold the QAFP.

For people who are part of the broader financial planning ecosystem, such as FinTech suppliers, members of the media, or others in supporting industries, we offer an Affiliate membership tier.

What are the benefits of joining the Financial Planners Association of Canada™, and how can I become a member?

The benefits we offer include full access to all our community resources, including the FPAC Members’ Forum, which is a leading online space for learning and sharing in our industry.

Members also get access to industry conferences, event, and continuing education opportunities, all of which are free and some of which are exclusive to FPAC™ members only.

As a member of the Financial Planners Association of Canada™, we will also promote you through referrals for media opportunities, and with a profile on our website.

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