The Fiduciary Pledge

From the moment a planner joins FPAC they are pledging to take and adhere to the FPAC Fiduciary Pledge.
"I pledge to act as a fiduciary in all my dealings with my clients. By making this pledge, I am promising:
To put the needs of clients first, ahead of my needs or the needs of any other party.
To work to help my clients achieve their goals and dreams by acting with the skill, care, prudence, diligence, loyalty and good judgement of a fiduciary, rooting my professional practice in evidence-based advice.
To avoid and minimize conflicts of interest, and to manage and disclose those conflicts which cannot be avoided.
To fully and transparently disclose all sources of my compensation in all of my dealings with clients.
To uphold the code(s) of conduct of the issuing body of my financial planning designation, and to continuously work to improve my skills and practice, and the financial planning industry as a whole.
To encourage other financial planners to uphold the standards and values embodied by this Association, and to aid this and subsequent generations of financial planners to fulfill on the Association’s vision for the financial planning industry.
And to help to build awareness of the good that financial planners can do for their clients.”
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