Financial Planning Better's People's Lives

March 13, 2023

We recognize that access to qualified practitioners capable of delivering these important services can be cost-prohibitive for many Canadians. We are committed to helping solve these issues of accessibility. Our founding charter explicitly spells our commitment to solving this by building out pro-bono financial planning services for those in need and calls for tax incentives to help make planning services more affordable for all.

For these reasons, we publicly lend our full support to FP Canada's efforts to create a federal Financial Planning Tax Credit for low- and middle income Canadians seeking out qualified financial planning advice.

Certified Financial Planners have the skills and abilities to play a key role in the development of greater financial security in the lives of their clients, which can in turn, better their lives and the welfare of all Canadians.

As such we ask the federal government to take action on this initiative and offer our leadership and membership to help in any way required to make this initiative a reality.

Formal Endorsement

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