Canadian Financial Planners Launch New Professional Association

November 19, 2019
With a Goal to Elevate how Financial Planning is Practiced for the Benefit of Canadian

The drive to create a new association grew out of a desire to bring increased professionalism to the practice of financial planning, says founder and chairman of the Board of Directors, Jason Pereira, Financial Planner with Woodgate Financial. “The existing financial planning industry in Canada is conflict-ridden and, due to low barriers to entry, means that Canadians are not getting objective, expert advice that’s geared to their best interests,” comments Mr. Pereira. “With the Association, we believe all of this will now change.”

The Association is made up of practicing financial planners from across Canada, with over 100 full members currently registered. In order to participate as a full member, a planner must, at a minimum, hold the Certified Financial Planner® (CFP), the Registered Financial Planner (R.F.P.), or the Financial Planner (F.Pl.) designation, and meet the ongoing standards for that designation.

In addition, Association members must attest to principles set out in a founding Association Charter which commits members to elevated standards for providing financial planning advice. These include, initially, commitments to fee transparency, evidence-based approaches in the practice of financial planning, and to putting the interests of clients before other considerations by operating as fiduciaries. The Association’s Charter also sets out goals for the enhancement of the financial planning profession in the longer term.

Association members will be able to benefit from internal resources including a planning portal providing comprehensive, expert information on financial planning topics; mentorship from established financial planners who have committed to the Association’s goals and principles; and a “best practices” guide to help deliver financial planning in accordance with Association standards.

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