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In the prime of their careers and family lives, professional couples in their 30s and 40s face unique financial challenges. Russ specializes in addressing these specific needs, understanding that managing a mortgage, saving for children's education, and planning for a comfortable retirement are crucial parts of building your ideal life.

Your financial situation is as dynamic as your life itself and needs a personalized approach. Whether it's adapting to a new job, moving homes, or evolving family dynamics, Russ tailors financial strategies and processes to align with your evolving goals and circumstances. This adaptability and support ensure that your financial plan continually grows and changes with you, offering relevant guidance at every turn.

Recognizing the time constraints and complexities you face, Russ simplifies the financial planning process. He breaks down intricate concepts into understandable, actionable steps and assists in building a personalized household financial system. This approach not only makes household finances more manageable but also brings peace of mind, knowing that your financial life is in capable hands.

Based in Calgary, AB, and serving clients across Canada, Russ blends his financial planning expertise with a practical, down-to-earth approach. Beyond his professional life, he cherishes time spent with his wife and young family, camping and skiing, fully embracing and understanding the busy dynamics of a dual-working household with kids.


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