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Allan (they/iel) Buckingham

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I’m an outdoor lifestyle focused financial life planner and educator who works with people from all walks of life to help them feel comfortable and secure living in a resort community now, and in the future. I understand the trade offs we need to make for that to happen. I believe in personalized advice and plans tailored to each situation because there are not rules of thumb that account for your passion for climbing, or the willingness to work a lower paying job to be able to ski every single day of the winter. I live in Banff with my partner and kid and am familiar with the need to balance the desire to get outdoors with the rest of what life throws at us. The only days when the river isn’t frozen that I don’t want to be in my canoe are when I’m on a hiking trail. To make personalized planning available to everyone I use a pay what you can model, and a sliding scale based on income. This means that those who are more able to pay for advice support those who are less able, while offering everyone the same level of quality advice. I can help you figure out how best to use your money to support the life you want to live by looking at the whole picture and determining the financial trade-offs that are worth it to you, and the ones that aren’t. Please visit to learn more about whether we’d be a good fit. Instagram: @AllanBuckingham Facebook: @OutdoorLifePlanning


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