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I help busy professionals and business owners become financially independent and retire early. Most professionals focus on building up the total value of their nest egg during their working lives without giving much thought to the effect of their account type and asset location will have on the distribution phase. Unfortunately, this leaves many losing access to government retirement benefits and paying more income tax than necessary at a time when every after-tax dollar is directed to fund their preferred retirement lifestyle. I partner with successful professionals and business owners who are within 15 years of retirement. I have the technical expertise and experience necessary to advise those who have a shortened retirement runway due to an extensive post graduate studies requirement of their profession or delayed retirement savings due to the prolonged capital intensive period of time required to start a successful business from the ground up. How I am different: My strategies have strong roots in math & science. Using wealth creation strategies that are usually reserved for the top 1% of the population, I assist my clients in creating sustainable real wealth through my proprietary F.I.P. process. This unique approach focuses on growing your REAL Money, defined as what you keep after fees, taxes and inflation. I possess the technical expertise, relevant experience and multi disciplinary team of professionals necessary to handle the unique and complex tax, trust, retirement and estate planning needs of successful professionals and business owners. I am a lifelong learner and have tailored my education to meet the specific challenges that face professionals and business owners.


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