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Canadian Financial Planning

The profession of financial planning in Canada is young, growing out of the process of selling financial products in the mid-20th century. In contrast to the medical, legal, and accounting professions which have had hundreds—if not thousands—of years to evolve into their current, well-developed systems, financial planning has yet to develop an equivalent ecosystem. 

Our goal, as an association, is to build a principled, knowledge-based Canadian financial planning profession that ultimately commands the credibility, public awareness, and respect that professions such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants in Canada have earned. In order to fulfill this promise, we must move beyond and ultimately discard many of the structures and concepts that support the current ecosystem, and replace them with new systems, standards, principles, and structures.

The vision of this association is thus:
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First, to define a desired structure and ecosystem for the financial planning profession in Canada, including standards for the practice of financial planning by financial planning professionals, and...
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Secondly, to work with governments, regulators, planners, academia, vendors, and the general public to enshrine the desired structure and ecosystem in reality, and...
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Finally, to build a robust and vibrant association of financial planners who abide by the standards set out in this Charter, thus elevating the practice of financial planning for planners and the Canadian public alike.
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